Industrial lighting for all environments – Durable fixtures indoor outdoor **Light distribution**
Indoor, outdoor, and industrial lighting fixtures need to be durable, reliable and provide reliable illumination to ensure a space is safe for people and employees. There are specially designed lumineers to meet requirements for each one of these applications and they all must stand up to extreme environments.  

Shock resistant, waterproof, vapor-tight, and low-maintenance lighting fixtures are all options that must be taken into consideration when choosing a luminaire in environments where standard lighting options wouldn’t stand up. Food manufacturers need fixtures that are sanitary and easy to clean. Harbors or outdoor lighting must be able to withstand rain, water, and any weather condition. Fixtures that experience constant vibrations from industrial machinery or extreme environmental conditions require highly durable and reliable technologies in order to function day in and day out. If the wrong fixture is chosen, it could result in high maintenance costs and inadequate light distribution.

  Both indoor and outdoor as well as in commercial environments depend on proper illumination. Light distribution largely depends on the viewing angle so environments where a large area must be illuminated must not only use the correct fixture for a specific application but it also relies on the correct spacing and location of the lumineers themselves. To make choosing the best fixture options and ensuring the proper illumination is achieved, RLE Industries has the services to help.
  RLE Industries provides on-site engineering services that offer customers access to the qualified engineering staff in order to answer any questions they may have about their lighting fixture upgrades. Work with an experienced lighting professional to ensure customers have access to all the information they need.