Color temperature matters – setting the mood

In any environment, the lighting can effect a mood, sale, productive employees or a lost customer. High-quality lighting fixtures and a manufacturer that can clearly explain to their customers how the final product will perform is absolutely critical. Color temperature and the ability for a retailer to work closely with a manufacturer to choose the desired mood they want to create your environment can make all the difference. RLE Industries introduced Lumenera Lighting, linear LED lights that are able to be manufactured to distribute a range of color temperatures while also providing the necessary illumination with the desired lighting quality. Retailers searching for an aesthetically, highly energy efficient lighting fixture that can produce warmer light, closer to 3,000 on the Kelvin scale, commonly associated with incandescent light can opt for a highly efficient Lumenera fixture instead. The LEDs on that same fixture can even be modified to produce white light, closer to 4,500K. led color temperatures An easy way to remember the Color Temperature scale is associating “warm” light with the yellow light typically cast by incandescent lightbulbs. The higher end of the Kelvin scale is commonly referred to as producing “cool” light. The image above is a helpful visual representation of the difference in color temperature and how the Kelvin rating influences the color light an LED light will produce. LED Color Temperature Comparison Chart Conventional lighting technology and their standard Kelvin rating
Kelvin Color Temperature Light Comparison
5,500K Cool Light Daylight Metal Halide
4,200K Cool Light Cool White Fluorescent
4,000K Cool Light Std. Clear Metal Halide
3,200K Cool Light / White Warm (3K) Metal Halide
3,000K Warm Light Halogen
2,700K Warm Light Standard Incandescent
2,200K Warm Light High Pressure Sodium
RLE Industries has the capabilities and know-how to produce custom lighting fixtures to deliver exactly what businesses need. First impressions count in retail but stunning fixtures won’t matter if customers can't see the products they’re supposed to buy. The lighting professionals at RLE Industries manufactures fixtures that produce a desired color temperature without sacrificing lumen output, efficiency or performance of the luminaire in a retail setting.