LED Vapor Tight – VPTLEDHO 2X4MX

The VPTLEDHO 2x4MX is an energy-efficient, LED Vapor Tight fixture designed for use in harsh environments. Ideal to operate in commercial, institutional, and industrial applications that require a watertight seal. This vapor tight fixture features 2′ x 4′ foot lengths, ideal for replacement and new construction, providing equivalent lumen packages to current fluorescent solutions, with significantly higher efficacy and reduced cost.

Tamper-resistant hardware mounting clips, along with standard gasketed seal and wet location rating offer an ideal light source for parking garages, livestock, car washes, refrigerated storage and food processing facilities, warehousing and manufacturing facilities.


  • Car Washes/Food Processing
  • Gas Stations
  • Livestock Locations
  • Laboratories
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Refrigeration/Freezers
  • Parking Garages/Utility
  • Warehouses/Supermarkets


  • Surge protector
  • White painted parts are treated with a five-stage phosphate bonding process and finished with high reflectance baked enamel
  • Low profile design optimizes shipping, storage and handing
  • Diffuser is secured continuously along luminaire sides
  • Polycarbonate lens, UV resistant
  • Toolless design driver cover snap into housing for easy installation
  • Performance engineered optical lens assembly delivers unique beam angles and reduces glare
  • High quality LED chips provide high efficiency, heat dissipation, stability, and lumen maintenance
  • Driver disconnect provided where required to comply with US and Canadian codes
  • May be surface or pendant (cable, hanging chain or stem kits) mounted
  • Class II driver,with 0-10V or Triac dimming