Recessed LED Troffer – CBLED

The CBLED provides a stylish modern design ideal for office and interior commercial applications.  

Utilizing a clear, prismatic polycarbonate diffuser prevents direct eye contact to the LED modules.  The edge design provides easy installation, mounting into standard 1” and 9/16” tee bars or screw slot grids. Two sizes are available with multiple lumen outputs. 


Aluminum frame with polycarbonate diffuser.


Universal driver, 0-10V, compatible with common dimming systems.


Unique composition provides a prismatic look.
Specifically formulated, frosted, prismatic acrylic lens provides a diffused luminance with the effective combination of excellent light transmission and haze.


Matte white, high reflectivity powdercoat finish.


  • All units bear UL label and are DLC listed. 
  • Standard 5 Year Warranty




8.54 CBLED Specification Submittal

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