2×2 Modular Design Square – R24H

The Modular R24H is available in Pulse Start Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium up to 400W.

A full compliment of shielding media for all lighting applications. Completely prewired and assembled with removable ballast assembly. Designed for mounting in 2×2 grid (T-Bar) ceilings. Flange for gypsum board ceilings is optional. Call for other ceiling installations.

Automatic resetting heat sensitive thermal protection device for non-IC installations protects fixture from overheating. Cold-rolled steel doorframe with captive countersunk ¼ turn spring-loaded fastener and concealed stainless steel hinging. Stainless steel doorframes are also available.


20 gauge CRS welded construction. Call for stainless steel housing.


  • Metal Halide 100W and High Pressure Sodium 100W-150W.
  • High reactance autotransformer, High Power Factor, encased and potted, auto-resetting type.
  • Metal Halide 175W-400W and High pressure Sodium 250W and 400 CWA High Power Factor, encased, potted and auto-resetting type.


Detergent cleaned with iron phosphate and chromic acid rust inhibitor, chip resistant, powder urethane polyester coating, electrostatically applied and baked.


  • All units bear UL label
  • Made in U.S.A. label
  • UL listed wet location under covered ceiling
  • ARRA and BAA compliant



Cut Sheet

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