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7.8 - Edge Lit Exit Sign EDG

Slim, easy to install unit utilizing highly ORDERING efficient L.E.D. units provided with ultra bright diodes.Reliable and cost efficient unit is ideal

for any commercial or industrial application where high performance and contemporary design is required. Available in single or double face for ceiling or wall mount. Includes canopy. Directional chevrons must be advised.Total energy consumption of 3 watts.Test switch and indicator light located at end of unit. To meet various local codes, units are also available with optional green letters, 8” letters, or flashers, when required. Automatic low-voltage disconnect, brownout protection Emergency models provided with solid state charging system and maintenance free lead calcium batteries.


Anodized extruded aluminum housing. Clear acrylic face. Optional white or mirrored face.


LED have a 25 year life expectancy and utilize only 3 watts


  • All units bear UL label and Made in the U.S.A. label.
  • Meets or exceed NEC, OSHA, NFPA, and most state and local codes.


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