RLE Industries, a manufacturer of commercial lighting and LED products, is proud to announce their asset sale to Vcom IMC.
Vcom is committed to customer care and will be supporting clients on a higher level.

2.22 - 16” Extruded Aluminum Cylinder S160

Available in Higher Wattage Pulse Start Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium, and Incandescent. Available in 16” diameter. Accommodates

Metal Halide lamping 175W- 400W, High Pressure Sodium 150W- 400W, Incandescent up to 500W-R40 and 500WPS35 Surface mounting is standard Optional stem and canopy mounting hardware includes 3/8” I.P.S. 12” stem with 0-45 degree swivel canopy. Optional wall mount includes a onepiece cast aluminum arm with access plate.


Heavy gauge extruded aluminum rolled and seam welded.


For metal halide lamping ballast is high power factor, constant wattage auto transformer. For high-pressure sodium, ballast is normal power factor reactor type for 120V.


Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium supplied with spun aluminum .040” thick, polished specular alzak. Standard with open aperture. Optional C-73 glass lens.


Standard in urethane polyester powder coat bronze. Optional black or white finish is available.


  • All units bear UL and Made in U.S.A. label.
  • Wall mount units are suitable for wet locations.
  • Surface and pendant mount units are suitable for damp locations.


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