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2.20 - S66 Modular Luminaire S66

Available in 2’, 3’, 4’, 6’, and 8’ lengths, in 1 and 2 lamp configurations, T8 and T5. 6”x6” narrow design is architecturally preferred for

installation in corridors, lobbies, and office areas. Direct down light is standard. Indirect and direct/indirect applications are available as options. Individual and continuous row for both surface and pendant mounting. Alignment brackets available for continuous row installation. Ends seams are fitted to provide the appearance of continuous smooth channel. Knockouts on channel ends allow for through wiring or end feed. HOUSING Die formed welded heavy gauge cold rolled steel. Uplight fixtures are provided with (2) rows of 1/2” apertures along top of the housing which provide approximately 12% uplight.


Energy saving electronic ballasts comply with Federal Energy Efficiency standards. Ballasts are <10% THD and include 5 year manufacturer’s warranty. Ballasts operate on 120V-277V (UNV) unless specified otherwise.


Acrylic prismatic is standard. Optional white cross baffle, paracube, and parabolic semispecular cross baffle.


All metal parts post painted with premium grade white enamel with a minimum 89% reflectance applied over iron phosphate pretreatment for maximum adhesion and rust resistance.


  • All units bear UL label.
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Suitable for damp location.
  • ARRA and BAA compliant.


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