RLE Industries, a manufacturer of commercial lighting and LED products, is proud to announce their asset sale to Vcom IMC.
Vcom is committed to customer care and will be supporting clients on a higher level.

1.22 - Recessed Center Basket RDI

Provides direct/indirect, soft, uniformillumination combined with a shielded direct light source. Curved perforated details combine recessed

fixture advantages with efficient indirect lighting. Perforated basket with center parabolic cross baffle backed with reflective white acrylic control glare and veiling reflections. Shielding is easily removed for re-lamping. Flanged fixture available for plaster ceilings.


Die formed heavy gauge steel housing unitized into one piece. Also available as a retrofit kit for deep parabolic housing.


Energy saving electronic ballasts comply with Federal Energy Efficiency standards. Ballasts are <10% THD and include 5 year manufacturer’s warranty. Ballasts operate on 120V-277V (UNV) unless specified otherwise.


Perforated diffuser element with matte white acrylic overlay and center parabolic cross baffle.


All metal parts pretreated with a phosphate bonding process and post-painted with an electrostatically applied high temperature baked matte white enamel for superior quality and durability.


  • All units bear UL label.
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Suitable for damp location.
  • ARRA and BAA compliant.


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