RLE Industries, a manufacturer of commercial lighting and LED products, is proud to announce their asset sale to Vcom IMC.
Vcom is committed to customer care and will be supporting clients on a higher level.

1.20 - 2x2 Modular Design Square R24H

Available in Pulse Start Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium up to 400W. A full compliment of shielding media will compliment all lighting

applications. Completely prewired and assembled with removable ballast assembly. Designed for mounting in 2x2 grid (T-Bar) ceilings. Flange for gypsum board ceilings is optional. Consult factory for other ceiling installations. Automatic resetting heat sensitive thermal protection device for non-IC installations protects fixture from overheating. Cold rolled steel doorframe with captive countersunk ¼ turn spring loaded fastener and concealed stainless steel hinging. Stainless steel doorframes are also available.


20 gauge CRS welded construction. Consult factory for stainless steel housing.


Metal Halide 100W and High Pressure Sodium 100W-150W. High reactance autotransformer, High Power Factor, encased and potted, auto resetting type. Metal Halide 175W-400W and High pressure Sodium 250W and 400 CWA High Power Factor, encased, potted and auto-resetting type.


Detergent cleaned with iron phosphate and chromic acid rust inhibitor, chip resistant, powder urethane polyester coating, electrostatically applied and baked


  • All units bear UL and Made in U.S.A. label.
  • UL listed wet location under covered ceiling.
  • ARRA and BAA compliant.


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