Energy Services

There are important advantages available to project managers when working with us in any size lighting retrofit project. Our energy services division works with its clients to design, manufacture and install more efficient lighting fixtures and lighting control systems.


From a big factory or shopping mall to smaller offices and retail stores the benefits to our customers include reduced electric bills, modernized interior/exterior lighting and enhanced illumination.


But that’s true with most energy service companies. What most others don’t have is a lighting fixture factory under the same roof. With the capabilities to run our plant to meet the current high demand for energy saving lighting products, we can save time and eliminate excessive producer markups to pass that savings on to you. And, our flexibility to quickly modify our broad range of fixtures assures compliance and consistency with your expectations.


RLE’s energy services group has successfully completed energy-efficient lighting systems for over 400 million square feet in retail, commercial, industrial and institutional facilities. And, we guarantee light level recovery, kilowatt reduction and system performance.

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