Energy Audit Information

Energy Efficient Lighting Fixtures

  • No charge consultation audits
    • new construction
    • retrofits tenant
    • buildout
  • Turnkey installations: energy efficient lighting fixtures provide a positive impact on your bottom line.
  • Demand response management – peak load reduction.
  • Assistance in design layout, sustainability and LEED points.

Process all rebates and utility incentives

  • NJ Smart Start buildings and Custom Measure Program
  • LIPA

Monitoring Systems

  • Data loggers provide detailed information on buildings lighting and occupancy patterns NJ SmartStart custom measure program
  • Achieve maximum efficiency by combining our RLE industries efficient lighting and lighting energy control system

Energy Tax Incentive Act EPACT 2005

  • We assist in providing the information necessary for the Customer to procure available tax credits for you all EPACT 2005 tax incentives and deductions for both public and private projects
  • Commercial building immediate tax reduction incentive for lighting

Building envelope

  • Include retrofit and new construction

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