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Extreme Environment

Today’s non-stop manufacturing facilities create environments where dirt, dust, and grease collect constantly on everything from floors to ceilings.

In order to maintain a clean and efficient operation, most industrial facilities implement stringent cleaning procedures. Unfortunately, the combination of dirty manufacturing process with rigorous cleaning procedures can drastically affect the lighting systems, which are vital to a facility”s productivity.

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Featured Product – CHBLED


RLE’s Heavy Duty LED High Bay features a unique design with a quick disconnect cable that can quickly separate the driver from the LED module for easy maintenance. It’s uniquely designed prismatic lens provides ideal lighting coverage and minimum glare. This unit has a built in heat sink and comes with a hook made of die cast aluminum for a strong and easy installation. Heavy duty one complete piece die cast provides maximum heat dissipation. Cooling fins are added to increase the ambient temperature to 50C standard.

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Introducing Lumenera Lighting

Our Lumenera Lighting Line

Continuous Linear LED Light fixtures

Recently, our CEO Scott Koenig decided to create a new brand, called Lumenera Lighting, which offers the lighting marketplace continuous linear custom made to length LED lighting in Pendant, Recessed, and Surface Mounted lighting fixtures. All our products are made from robust aluminum extrusions and heavy gauge aluminum plate. All our light engines and drivers are top quality name brands (Philips, Samsung, Osram). Our mission is to make the best quality products, offered at very competitive pricing, so more projects will be able to enjoy the same quality lighting as high end projects.

In addition to the new brand Lumenera Lighting, RLE Industries continues to offer standard lighting equipment for all projects of every budget. The RLE brand is in existence for 70 years, all the metal parts are made in U.S.A. and assembled in our facilities in Fairfield NJ. Anyone who wishes to meet our team and inspect our facilities is welcome to contact us at RLE Industries to set up an appointment.

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Linear & Architectural

The RLE Linear Architectural Series complements the expressive line is designed utilizing both colors and mounting arrangements for a similar appearance.

RLE provides a choice of fixture types for the best lighting solution. It is ideal for sign lighting, exterior building illumination, accenting, indoor commercial illumination, retail, restaurant/food, entertainment industry and any location requiring architectural luminaires. It is available in 2′, 4′ and tandem configurations using T5HO, T8 and T12HO light sources.

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Energy Audit

RLE Industries can provide you with a full energy audit to help you decide where to best spend your project dollars.

Our audit includes the following:

Energy Efficient Lighting Fixtures

  • No charge consultation audits
    • new construction
    • retrofits tenant
    • buildout
  • Turnkey installations: energy efficient lighting fixtures provide a positive impact on your bottom line.
  • Demand response management – peak load reduction.
  • Assistance in design layout, sustainability and LEED points.

 Process all rebates and utility incentives

  • NJ Smart Start buildings and Custom Measure Program
  • LIPA

Monitoring Systems

  • Data loggers provide detailed information on buildings lighting and occupancy patterns NJ SmartStart custom measure program
  • Achieve maximum efficiency by combining our RLE industries efficient lighting and lighting energy control system


Energy Tax Incentive Act EPACT 2005

  • We process and obtain for you all EEP a CT 2005 tax incentives and deductions for both public and private projects
  • Commercial building immediate tax reduction incentive for lighting


Building envelope

  • Include retrofit and new construction