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HygenX HiClean LED High Bay

HiClean Plus LED High Bay is specifically designed for food processing environments, including: poultry and meat processing, food processing, cold storage, food service and other areas requiring certification to NSF standards. It has a safe optic lens that meets the 'No-Glass' requirement for food areas.

HiClean Plus is made of high grade aluminum with non-exposed stainless steel screws. Its sleek design allows for easy cleaning and ensures no recesses for bacteria to grow in. Designed for the unique needs of food processing environments, you can specify HiClean Plus with confidence.



Item No. HB06-100 HB06-120 HB06-150 HB06-200
Optical Data
System Efficacy 140lm/W
Luminous Flux 14,000lm 16,800lm 21,000lm 28,000lm
Wattage 100W 120W 150W 200W
CCT 3000K, 4000K, 5000K
CRI Ra70, Ra80
Electrical Data
Input Voltage 100-240Vac / 100-277Vac
Input Surge Protection 2kV line-line, 4kV line-earth
Power Frequency 50/60Hz
Power Factor >0.93 >0.93 >0.92 >0.92
Ingress Protection IP65
LED Life Span >50000Hrs(Ta=30°C@L70)
Storage Temperature -40°C to +70°C(-40°F to +158°F)
Operating Temperature -30°C to +50°C(-22°F to +122°F)
Operating Humidity 15-90%RH
Housing Aluminum Alloy
Protection Class Class I
Weight / Packaging
Luminaire Net Weight 7.2±0.3kg
Outlook Dimensions φ489×200mm
Export Carton Size 560×260×565mm




Line Excel LED Strip Light

The Line Excel Strip Light takes advantage of spacing and design. It merges LED perfectly into any office, retail shop, school, hospital, and many other open spaces.

High efficiency and low glare. With a combination of small SMD LEDs and a diffusing lens cover, Line Excel produces a clean, crisp light.

Line Excel is designed to fit directly into your existing grid.



Line Excel Edge

Lumenera V2

The V2 is our most popular light fixture in the Lumenera lighting family, providing a sleek, slim profile design ideal for today’s linear LED lighting in modern offices, hospitality and retail environments.

The narrow profile meets the requirements for wall mounting fixtures outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and provides smooth accents for illuminating the vertical plane.

For pendants and surface mounting, the V2 is a powerful direct/indirect light source, making this an ideal choice for common areas.

Continuous rows are custom-designed by our engineering team to eliminate light breaks in runs, as well as shadowing.

Powered by Philips LED boards in multiple color temperatures, and with drivers dimmable down to just 1%, the V2 is a practical design for illuminating common areas.


Office Buildings, Schools, Hospitality, Healthcare and Retail Locations


Solid extruded aluminum housing and steel end plates, powder coated matte white finish. Custom colors are available.


  • Philips Xilanium Universal LED Drivers, compatible with 0-10V dimming systems, deliver reliable, smooth dimming performance down to a minimum of 1%.
  • Drivers can be calibrated for specific lumen output.
  • Standard (ST) Philips Fortimo LED boards (83 CRI – Consult RLE for higher CRI) are max 7.5W per foot and High Output (HO) LED boards are max 15W per foot
  • Minimum operation temperature is -25 C. Maximum operating temperature is 50 C


  • Direct optic utilizes a lift and tilt white opal high transmission spread lens for smooth, even illumination
  • Indirect optic utilizes a thin opal spread lens for high transmission and smooth illumination
  • Optional asymmetrical beam reflector for a even spread


  • For pendants, white rounded power cable is an SJ 18/3 conductor wire to canopy mounted to ceiling J-Box.
  • For surface mount, 4″ square plate powder coated lo match finish.
  • For wall mounting, heavy-gauge rolled steel channel painted to match housing is secured to unit which attaches to a galvanized steel wall channel, for ease of installation.


For continuous runs, factory will provide two 1″ steel pins at the end of each module which are inserted in the end grooves of the extrusion. These pins are then inserted into the joining module and are secured at the roof of the housing by a 16 Gauge joiner bracket that goes over the two quarter twenty studs (one stud at the end of each joining module). Each module in the run is labeled for easy field installation.


  • Drivers and LED boards are rated for 50,000 hours; 5 Year Warranty
  • ARRA Compliant
  • UL and cUL listed






LED Vapor Tight – VPTLEDHO 2X4MX

The VPTLEDHO 2x4MX is an energy-efficient, LED Vapor Tight fixture designed for use in harsh environments. Ideal to operate in commercial, institutional, and industrial applications that require a watertight seal. This vapor tight fixture features 2′ x 4′ foot lengths, ideal for replacement and new construction, providing equivalent lumen packages to current fluorescent solutions, with significantly higher efficacy and reduced cost.

Tamper-resistant hardware mounting clips, along with standard gasketed seal and wet location rating offer an ideal light source for parking garages, livestock, car washes, refrigerated storage and food processing facilities, warehousing and manufacturing facilities.


  • Car Washes/Food Processing
  • Gas Stations
  • Livestock Locations
  • Laboratories
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Refrigeration/Freezers
  • Parking Garages/Utility
  • Warehouses/Supermarkets


  • Surge protector
  • White painted parts are treated with a five-stage phosphate bonding process and finished with high reflectance baked enamel
  • Low profile design optimizes shipping, storage and handing
  • Diffuser is secured continuously along luminaire sides
  • Polycarbonate lens, UV resistant
  • Toolless design driver cover snap into housing for easy installation
  • Performance engineered optical lens assembly delivers unique beam angles and reduces glare
  • High quality LED chips provide high efficiency, heat dissipation, stability, and lumen maintenance
  • Driver disconnect provided where required to comply with US and Canadian codes
  • May be surface or pendant (cable, hanging chain or stem kits) mounted
  • Class II driver,with 0-10V or Triac dimming



Tri-Proof Light

The Tri-Proof Light has a unique patented design – widely used in underground parking lots, metro stations, airports, harbors, factories, underground tunnels, outdoor playgrounds, indoor stadiums and other humid environments.

  • Length: 1′, 2′, 3′, 4′, 5′, 6′, 8′
  • PF >0.9
  • THD <20%
  • 50,000H
  • Input Voltage: AC 120V/120-277V/120-347V/100-240V 50/60Hz


Tri Proof Light


Recessed LED Troffer – CBLED

The CBLED provides a stylish modern design ideal for office and interior commercial applications.  

Utilizing a clear, prismatic polycarbonate diffuser prevents direct eye contact to the LED modules.  The edge design provides easy installation, mounting into standard 1” and 9/16” tee bars or screw slot grids. Two sizes are available with multiple lumen outputs. 


Aluminum frame with polycarbonate diffuser.


Universal driver, 0-10V, compatible with common dimming systems.


Unique composition provides a prismatic look.
Specifically formulated, frosted, prismatic acrylic lens provides a diffused luminance with the effective combination of excellent light transmission and haze.


Matte white, high reflectivity powdercoat finish.


  • All units bear UL label and are DLC listed. 
  • Standard 5 Year Warranty




8.54 CBLED Specification Submittal

LED Linear Parabolic Direct/Indirect – YYBLED

The YYBLED is available in 35W LED, 48” lengths. Ideal for classrooms, offices, conference rooms and reception areas. Available as direct/indirect pendant or direct surface mount.

  • Individual or continous row mounting with cables or stems.
  • Continious rows achieved with contoured joiners.
  • Acrylic frosted diffuser.
  • Lens features snap-in installation for easy lamp replacement.


Constructed of heavy gauge steel treated with anti-rust protection.


120-277V – Highest quality LED boards and driver system.


Fixture body post painted with white gloss enamel.


  • All units bear UL label
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • ARRA and BAA compliant






Cut Sheet

Linear Architectual Wraparound – LAWLED

The LAWLED Linear Architectual Wraparound is available in 4’ LED Flat Board Array. The versatility of this high efficiency linear, contemporary-styled unit makes it ideal for classrooms, offices, corridors, laboratories, and any application where high efficiency, task appropriate illumination is essential.

For individual or continuous row mounting. Sufficient knockouts for surface or pendant mounting.


Die formed heavy gauge steel unitized into one piece.


Acrylic frosted.


Post painted in powder coated flat white polyester.


  • All units bear UL label
  • Suitable for damp locations
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • ARRA and BAA compliant
  • 5 Year LED Warranty

8.57 LAWLED sepc


Cut Sheet

Vapor Tight LED Low Bay – VLEDLB2-N

This Vapor Tight LED Low Bay comes standard with stainless steel latches. For pendant mounting. Stainless steel mounting brackets reduce installation time and eliminate the need for mounting holes in fixture body. Stainless steel V hooks simplify pendant mounting with chain or cable. For individual or continuous row with flexible conduit.


Heavy-duty unsaturated fiberglass reinforced polyester housing with poured in place gasketing. Flame class 5VA.


  • <10% THD and include 5 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Operate on 120V-277V (UNV) unless specified otherwise


Glass clear diffuser is molded of UV stabilized impact resistant acrylic.


  • All units bear UL label
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Suitable for damp location
  • ARRA and BAA Compliant
  • IP67 Certified
  • National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) approved components
  • NEMA 4X rated
  • Factory hose-down tested at 1500 PSI, 1.4 gallons/minute @ 12 -24”.
  • 5 Year LED Warranty




LED Recessed Troffer – D85PLED

The D85PLED offers the look and feel of a fluorescent luminaire – subtle, soft direct elements provide interest and depth accross the ceiling plane, with a contemporary look that blends with today’s commercial spaces.

For recessed commerical applications such as offices, hospitals, schools etc.
Suitable for use in standard 15/16” inverted T-Bar grid ceilings.


Low Profile troffer body with white enamel finish.


3500K or 4000K.


  • Driver suitable for 120v-277v operation
  • Available in 2 wattages to equal or exceed the output of conventional fluorescent lamps


Unique composition provides prismatic look.
Specifically formulated, frosted, prismatic acrylic lens provides a diffused luminance.
Provides an effective combination of excellent light transmission and haze.


Matte white, high reflectivity powder coat finish.


  • All units bear UL label
  • ARRA and BAA Compliant
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • DLC Approved


D85PLED Recessed LED Troffer-d3

Cut Sheet