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Energy Services

There are important advantages available to project managers when working with us in any size lighting retrofit project. Our energy services division works with its clients to design, manufacture and install more efficient lighting fixtures and lighting control systems.


From a big factory or shopping mall to smaller offices and retail stores the benefits to our customers include reduced electric bills, modernized interior/exterior lighting and enhanced illumination.


But that’s true with most energy service companies. What most others don’t have is a lighting fixture factory under the same roof. With the capabilities to run our plant to meet the current high demand for energy saving lighting products, we can save time and eliminate excessive producer markups to pass that savings on to you. And, our flexibility to quickly modify our broad range of fixtures assures compliance and consistency with your expectations.


RLE’s energy services group has successfully completed energy-efficient lighting systems for over 400 million square feet in retail, commercial, industrial and institutional facilities. And, we guarantee light level recovery, kilowatt reduction and system performance.

Product Warranty


Warranty Policy


RLE Industries warrants to the original purchaser (the “purchaser”) only, that the product that is the subject of this sale, (a) conforms to the manufacturers published specifications and (b) is free from defects in materials and workmanship.

The standard warranty terms and conditions for RLE Industries PRODUCT replacement are listed below.

DLC certified products registered by the manufacturer of record on the DLC listings are to be free from manufacturer defects or defects on workmanship for a period of five years under the DLC guidelines (subject to change) unless agreed to in writing on a Commercial Invoice.



For warranty service evaluation a Return Materials Authorization number must be obtained by calling RLE Industries service department. Packages returning without the RMA# printed clearly on the outside carton or documentation may be refused. Warranty service requiring the return of any product to RLE Industries, the product must be returned to RLE Industries in its original shipping container, or an equivalent container that properly provides a high depth of cushioning and protection from rough shipping conditions. Under no circumstances will RLE Industries honor any warranty service on damage deemed to have been caused by the shipping company by insurance agent or official.

Purchaser will notify RLE Industries and Freight Company if the product arrives damaged. “Purchaser agrees to hold RLE Industries harmless in the case of shipping damage and will assist RLE Industries in the Insurance Claims process. Parts replaced under warranty shall become the property of RLE Industries, and must be returned to RLE Industries, to a facility designated by RLE Industries. RLE Industries will issue a credit when the defected parts are received and they are evaluated and determine to have failed under warranty conditions.

RLE Industries agrees to replace and/or repair any defected parts during the warranty period free of charge. Labor for warranty service will be at RLE Industries facility or as mutually agreed in writing for the specific claim. The purchaser will be solely responsible for all shipping to RLE Industries and/or customs (if applicable) associated with warranty returns and service. If the return is declared to be a warranty repair by RLE Industries OR ITS AFFILATE MANUFACTURES AT ITS OWN DISCRETION., RLE Industries OR ITS AFFILITES will return the repaired product to the purchaser using normal ground or economy shipping at no cost to the purchaser. If the purchaser so desires the product to be returned from RLE OR ITS AFFILITES in an expedited fashion the difference between economy freight and the desired expedited service will be the sole responsibility of the purchaser. RLE Industries will insist that the returned product be insured for the total value of the product unless a hold harmless waiver is signed and submitted to RLE Industries prior to shipping. Insurance costs will be the responsibility of the purchaser.

Should any on-site warranty service be required; standard daily technician rates, and travel costs for RLE Industries to perform warranty service shall be the sole responsibility of the purchaser.


This non-transferable warranty applies only to the original Purchaser in the country of Purchase. RLE Industries does not authorize anyone to make a warranty of any kind on its behalf and Purchaser should not rely on anyone making such statements. THIS warranty is limited to the repairing and replacing, without charge, the Equipment, which proves to be defective under warranty. RLE Industries is the sole and final determining authority of warranty validity.

Warranty terms and conditions subject to change without notice.

Energy Audit Information

Energy Efficient Lighting Fixtures

  • No charge consultation audits
    • new construction
    • retrofits tenant
    • buildout
  • Turnkey installations: energy efficient lighting fixtures provide a positive impact on your bottom line.
  • Demand response management – peak load reduction.
  • Assistance in design layout, sustainability and LEED points.

Process all rebates and utility incentives

  • NJ Smart Start buildings and Custom Measure Program
  • LIPA

Monitoring Systems

  • Data loggers provide detailed information on buildings lighting and occupancy patterns NJ SmartStart custom measure program
  • Achieve maximum efficiency by combining our RLE industries efficient lighting and lighting energy control system

Energy Tax Incentive Act EPACT 2005

  • We assist in providing the information necessary for the Customer to procure available tax credits for you all EPACT 2005 tax incentives and deductions for both public and private projects
  • Commercial building immediate tax reduction incentive for lighting

Building envelope

  • Include retrofit and new construction


The RLE quotations department offers quick turnaround for all your needs. We offer quotations for standard RLE products, substitute packages and hard-to-find items.

Our quotations department has the expertise to assist you with those difficult luminaries that have either custom requirements or are exclusive to a few specialized manufacturers.

We can also work within your budget. We can “value engineer” your job – keeping with the intended genre of a project while offering value priced items.

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